Dont get the graphs

The nero graphs people are posting…i dont really get them. The FAQ has an old version with the up and down graphs only, not the line graph. Blah could someone help me out and direct me to the correct FAQ? ALso to test a cd/dvd quality do i have to burn it then use the nero or can i just put it in my drive and use nero program to test?

Firstly, what burner do you have? This will determine whether or not you can use CD-DVDSpeed.

Secondly, if you run a quality scan on an already-burned disc, and post it here or in the Blank Media Forum, people will be happy to help you decipher them. :slight_smile:

You can also use CD-DVDSpeed to “Create Data Disc”, then do a quality scan on the burned disc.

It’s not really something I can explain in one post, though others may be able to do so!

Check the here in the blank media forum. Link

Specifically, this thread (cheers wobble, I didn’t see that thread until you linked to the forum :)).

Iam on the GSA-H10A…iam getting Benq 1655 soon…

I use a cd/dvd to create a data disc it wont read…then with a DL disc movie it also wont test…

You can’t scan with an LG burner. Only certain burners are considered reliable scanners to begin with, with Benq’s being one of them.

To be exact, you can’t do the “Disc Quality” on your current drive, and I suppose that’s what you want.

Assuming your discs are readable at all, you should be able to do the “Benchmark” which includes the transfer rate test, and you should be able to do the “ScanDisc”. Either of these tests can give some indication of the burn quality.

K thks guys…will look into buy a Benq