Don't get the dvd copying idea

I recently bought a benQ DW1655 burner.

I’m interested in making a copy of a dvd movie.
I use Nero for burning. I thought that Nero will be able to make a DVD copy from my DVD-ROM to my DVD-RW. But the original movie is around 7.5gb, while the blank DVD-R is obviously around 4.7gb.
I browsed around the forum and found that there are programs that basically shring the original DVD movie and enabale you to make a copy. Nero doesn’t do that.

So I downloaded some of those programs: “1 Click DVD Copy” and also “Clone DVD”. But I still don’t understand the procedure. Do the programs extract the movie to some specific folder on the computer? Does an image need to be created? Do I need to use Nero at all or do programs like “Clone DVD” do the whole thing? What about protection? When do I need to use “DVD2one”?

I checked the FAQ related to the program but they didn’t have an answer to the basic questions I mentioned, so I decided to ask here.

Hope its ok…

The programs you’re mentioned are all very similar, for protection you’ll need anydvd or dvdfabdecrypter, you can first select for output a folder on your hdd or let clonedvd for example do the whole process incl. shrinking and burning to dvd. It depends on you.

There is a free program called DVD shrink with good tutorials. This will allow you to compress the whole disc or just the main film depending on what quality you will accept. (The more compression the poorer the playback quality will become).

Welcome to the world of dvd burning. There are lots of possibilities for you. First off, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with freeware, for eg., dvd shrink, dvd decrypter and dvdfab decrypter, but these require some configuring, usually not too much though.

AnyDVD is a windows driver that runs in the background (decrypts) and interfaces well with a variety of software such as nero recode2 , dvd decrypter, etc. It is an excellent tool and has a 21 day free trial. DVDFab decrypter is similar and is free…both require additional software.

Since you are new at this, you may want to start with a one program does-it-all. I never tried clone dvd but users swear by it and there’s tons of support here. Also, fab platinum works great…the express feature is literally one-click copy. Both offer free trials and both have forums here:

I would encourage you to visit the forums and try either or both products. There’s plenty of help at either site.

Hope this helps, good luck.

Thanks alot guys and especially maineman for the concise explanation.
I would rather use a “does-it-all” app like clone dvd. I will search for more help about it and report here once I’m gonna burn a successful copy (hopefully).

Just to clarify something, CloneDVD does not do it all, you will need AnyDVD also to remove the copyright protection.

Download the free 21 day trials of CloneDVD and AnyDVD from
Install AnyDVD and by default it will start when Windows starts. You will know it is active when you see a red fox in the task bar. It is a driver that works in the background, you won’t even know it’s running. To configure it just left click on the red fox and then settings. Check and make sure your region code is correct and the default settings will work just fine. If you are unsure of any feature in the program just right click on a topic and it will explain it.
Insert the DVD and wait for the drive light to stop blinking, once it’s stopped open up CloneDVD.

For your first burn I suggest you use the top button in CloneDVD, CloneDVD Titles, this will automatically select the movie only for you.
Please read the help file that is included within the program and it will explain the other functions for you. Only check the AC-3/6 audio stream when you reach that screen.

Hi :slight_smile:
Click on links in my sig: 21 day free trail - fully functional. If you can’t decide in that time, you can always look elsewhere. Personally I believe that the combination of AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 are probably the best in the known galaxy. Especially for folks starting out. An awful lot of people stick with this pairing even after their knowledge base has developed & use other programs from time to time.

Thanks for the correction, like I said, I’ve never used dvdclone but have heard consistently good things about it. Also, Fab - platinum deserves a look, it is complete by itself…free trial for 30 days…probably about the same $ by the time you combo Anydvd and clone dvd.

I just didn’t want him to try CloneDVD and get an error message, when doing things for the first time everything is confusing so didn’t want him to think he did soemething wrong. Once experienced he can try other programs and decide what works best for his situation.

Ref your original question: Nero does have a way to do this, providing your DVD is not copyprotect (encrypted), as this is another subject.
Lets put it this way - You’ve a DVD9 film that you want to copy to DVD5 with no protection at this stage.
You run Nero Recode and it will do the job.
Nero Recode is part of Nero Digital and is in package 2 of the updating dowloads from Nero’s site - here I refer to version 6 Reloaded. Version 7 must be the same.
I don’t know if a particular OEM version does it also.