Don't Get Ripped By DVD Fab

Their free version continues to work with weekly updates. But once you give them money, it all falls to pieces.

I wasted $49 yesterday, and the program wouldn’t copy the first DVD I tried, an old AC/DC dvd. It said it had CSS protection and for $24 more dollars it would fix it.

I then tried the PSP feature on some DVD files on my hard drive. 5 times it crashed because it won’t read from the hard drive, only from DVD.

It’s people like this that make you not want to pay for software. And of course there is no hope of getting my money back. I am going back to ripit4free, it works very well in conjunction with good old DVD Decrypter and is updated regularly.

Thanks to whoever told me about rip it. It’s the best.

Fentao, your history.

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