Don't get Google's Web Accelerator!

This looks good and all, and it does actually work, too! BUT, after reading this article, I decided against it. Plus, it wouldn’t be a good thing for these forums :wink:

It can lead to humorous things and great confusion! :smiley:

Aye, seems like a little nasty propaganda.

I’d expect that since most reputable internet mail sites use HTTPS and therefore your browser & the originating site must handshake with a particular private key first, it’s crap.

On the other hand, it gives them a very easy tool to profile peoples surfing habits & hence the best abilty to sell ad’s as required :wink:

I don’t quite understand how the caching works :wink: If an internet connection is slow, it’s slow :wink: Unless google mirrors the entire “Popular” web on each local server, or has it’s own private cables & hence privatised bandwidth between nations, then it’s not likely to be significantly faster :wink:

As I’m neither a mod or admin, I cannot comment on whether CDfreaks uses HTTPS or some other form of security against caching :wink:

But at any rate …


I’d guess since Google’s servers are uber-fast compared to most other servers; and that’s why it says it’s “faster”.

Though, couldn’t we do that with a HUGE hard-drive and unlimited size cache? :wink:

ok dude never get any web accelerators it is all just hype and spyware notin else

OK, I will not get it.

Google is your friend, unless (your) “friends” use Google to delve into your internet history. :iagree: :iagree:

One step too far google!