Don't freak out - the Android Market is now called Google Play



Don’t freak out - the Android Market is now called Google Play.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A software update this weekend transformed the Android Market into Google Play, putting the online giant's name front-and-center. The sudden switch likely caught many Android users by surprise. I know I had misgivings the first time I saw the new store pop up, asking me to sign off on new terms of service. Was this malware? A bad joke? Nope -- just the latest move by Google to consolidate its myriad services.

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Google consolidating its services under one umbrella: good. Google trashing the “Market” brand name with “Google Play”: incredibly, stupidly bad. It sounds like a game store, not a place to purchase apps and multimedia. Couldn’t they have gone with a middle ground like “Google Market”? Stupid, stupid, stupid.