Don't forget that this is important!

I just posted the article Don’t forget that this is important !.

Yesterday I read it again, the internet advertising market is going down even more, while it is already ‘shit’. Therefor I would really really appericate it when you like our site that you visit…

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Clicking a couple o links seem a fair enough sacrifice. C’mon lads, do a good deed for the day. :4

let’s work together boys & gals :slight_smile:

That’s ok, but just today I click on one of your advertisers and suddenly I had 7 or 8 pornographic windows and a software to dial to a porno service without my permission… please take care of this and I be more than glad to click again

Sorry too hear that, I am sure the moderators/admins will take care of the situation. :8 I have experienced this from time 2 time but only from malicious sites, so I just use a banner killer, which auto kills them for me, and is set too keep certain banners :4

If your pages weren’t so fucking bloated your bandwidth costs would be much lower. I saved this page to disk (including images) and it came to 116K - that’s fucking ridiculous. Learn CSS and optimise your images and you could cut your bandwidth usage in half.

AndyW, if you had taken time to look at the source of our site, you would have noticed that we use CSS, and all images are optimisted, it could be the banners are not, but they are hosted on the servers of the sponsors itself. Without the banners the total page is about 85 Kb, thereby we use http compression so the total size should be decreased even more. Images are also cached locally, so all with all this shouldn’t be the problem. With the forum the server served about 35.000 people with peaks of about 80.000 so you can imagine that that costs a lot of bandwidth…

The title of this new could be more descriptive

Then You guys should put the popup in the forum section… not on your main page :frowning: