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I just posted the article Don’t forget about….

Once, our forum was one of the best parts of our site. Due several hosting company changes, it has been closed down for a way too long time, but now it’s back.

Unfortunately it seems not everyone…

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Why don’t you bring back the Dealer forums, or give the cdfreakers a link to a board where the dealerinfo is? Grtz J:8P.

I just wanna say that there’s too much info on the start page… It is getting complicated to read and see where everything is. in one sentence: It gains Ubikity and lost its Instinctivity… Not too much complain though, but i think that’s why the Forum is going slow… ObikeFixx.

Don’t you come all at once…keeping track of the forums as they are now is hard enough :stuck_out_tongue: And there is a discussion between moderators and admins going on at the moment on how this site should look (what info should be on the main and what not), you can give your opinion in our feedback forum (

Yepz join the team! And c me there as well :slight_smile: