Don't flash 1640 with 1655's BCDB.exe firmware

Hi all. :slight_smile:

zevia posted link to new 1655 firmware a few hours ago.

I flashed 1655’s BCDB firmware on my 1640 using BQFlasher. BQFlasher flashed drive without errors, but after flash drive stopped to respond.
Restarted and tried The Dangerous Brothers DOS flasher (BENQCVT) but the drive is not seen in dos or windoze anymore. :doh:

My advice; don’t even try to flash your 1640 with 1655’s BCDB.exe firmware!

Also posted a warning in above linked thread.

were you able to resurect your drive pinto? Don’t forget about DWflash and that it can be run from DOS.

Sorry to hear that pinto2. Knowing you, you will find a way to get it working again. I hope.

how about cross flasing with the 1650 firmware since it doesn’t have the LS technology.

I am sorry that happened to you Pinto2, mistakes happen all the time, maybe with all your knowledge you can fix it. You taught me most of what I know so I am not going to give advise but I hope you get it straightened out.

Well pinto2, if I remember correctly, your DW1640 survived 150 flashes and counting. Why failed now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, where did you get the idea that you can crossflash DW1640 to the 165x families? :smiley: Maybe you can use crossg technique, drop it! [just kidding]

btw, sorry to hear that and let us know how it goes. :iagree:

I think pinto2 was just trying to save a couple bucks by crossing his 1640 over to a 1655… :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t call it a mistake, Pinto is just being a pioneer of modding his OD. :slight_smile:

pinto2 > Thanks for the info as i’m sure you saved a few drives. Sorry to hear. Most people wouldn’t have the guts to let the world know but you did. Good luck bringing your drive back to life. Your a true DVD Freak :cool:

I think pinto2’s title should be changed from “CD Freak” to “Mad Flasher” in honour of his fallen 1640, which gave its heart in the true spirit of higher, faster, stronger…

Why does the term “Mad Flasher” make me think of Monty Python’s And Now For Something Completely Different? :bigsmile:

:iagree: :slight_smile:

We agree! :wink:

Title changed

Congrats for the new title! :wink:

I’m sure it’s in his to do list. :smiley:

pinto2, wish you the best luck :wink:

btw, doesn’t ls drive needs a led for the ls disks? it seems like those bright & shinning barcodes like things near the hub are for the locations for the ls labeling. it seems flash label is superior

Thank you all for the support in this sad moment. :bow:

Yes, I knew this flash might damage my drive and the flash was no accident,… somone has to act guinea pig…

So what, this drive withstanded ~370 flashes and thats not bad. :smiley:
No matter what I try, my 1640 is still dead. I’ll keep ya’ posted.

BTW, who the f**k messed with my title… :bigsmile: thanks moderators. :cool:

hey, at least you won’t get bored this weekend :wink:

There you go pinto2. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Sure I do. :iagree:

Thank you all for support and backup in this sad moment. Much appreciated.
Haven’t had the time to recover my 1640 from “death” yet, but I hope there will be more “freetime” during comming weekend. :wink:

I was sure it was a mistake but now that I know you experimented for the good of all, I really feel bad for you. Maybe you could try the new 1650 firmware, I mean at this point what could it hurt? Maybe the lightscribe supported drive just messed it up (I don’t know what I am talking about), but I hope you have success this weekend.EDIT: I see someone above also mention flashing with the 1650 firmware, I should have read the whole thread, sorry.