Don't fear the ripper

I thought to add this one here, because I am really impressed with the speedpatch of Mr Ala42.

wow :bow:

Is that menu’s and all or movie only? very nice speed

I don’t keep the menu’s.
I re-author and keep the main movie.
Normally I take 12-13 MB/s but that was something special ;).

Was there any compression required?

Hmm… not that special (see attachment). We all know by now 1620 is a good reader, and with ala42´s read speed patch this drive gets turbo. :slight_smile:

@ rack04, probably not… :smiley:

Note. Attaching this only to show that read speed in general has nothing to do with encoding.

I have my BenQ as slave but this is… something.
I think you are using some kind of trick ;).

cough I smell Photoshop cough

LOL. 24,206 KB/s is a tad unbelievable. :slight_smile:

Yeah guys, you are right I was using a virtual “BenQ” drive when encoding “movie” in picture above… :stuck_out_tongue:

Using Shrink, the fastest way to encode and compress a copy protected movie is to first rip the original and then mount the image.
BTW sverkalo, have you ever tried DVD Rebuilder? With Rebuilder you can keep menu’s, intros or whatever you like from the original movie. Sure, you have to buy CCE plug-in if you want best of the best quality, but even with bundled re-/decoders you will get better quality on your movies then with Shrink. :slight_smile:
Note, DVD Rebuilder also comes as freeware.

All this somewhat off topic, but here is link to DVD Rebuilder guide.

The movies are not being encoded with those times. The speed is not that great if you look at the times for encoding. No compression and encoding doesn’t depend on the DVD drive speed anyway.

This encode started at 54,000 and after using my computer to find and start hoversnap this is the speed I was at.


Thanks for the link. I downloaded Rebuilder a few weeks ago but didn’t feel like tackling it until now. It looks like a good guide…off to working on it now.

How long to encode and shrink the movies using DVD Rebuilder? Normally using my P4 2Ghz I can DVDShrink-ed about 15-20 mins.

More off topic…
zevia, with DVD Rebuilder´s bundled encoder it takes at least 30-40 minutes. Note AviSynth is still used, which means encoding is done in two or more steps. (Haven’t learned all about it yet, there are so many settings for every part of encoding process…)

I’m using CCE 2.5 plug-in to get the highest quality possible. I always run two or more passes and this can take upto two hours (for movies like LOTR-1, 2:50h sw. version).
Yeah kind’a long time, I know, but for me only the best is good enough when comes to movie backups.
My setup; $ntel 865PE, P4-2.8@3.2GHz, 1 Gig ram.
/off topic

Thanks pinto2.

So it is the old style with new interface… because 2-3 years ago when I still use CCE 2.5 on my older PIII 1Ghz, it took overnight (6-8 hours) to encode a full DL movie. Of course the result is amazing.

I got mine setup a couple of hours ago using CCE 2.70. I let it do a 4 pass and man it was only about 40 % done in the time it took to watch the “Hackers” movie. Is the quallity really worth the wait for an everyday back-up, or should this just be used for movies you want to keep the best quality possible on? I might try running the working directory on my RAID Stripe, if it takes long on 2 raptors in RAID Mode 0, I guess I’ll keep on using shrink :confused:

OK, I know i have a pretty decent system, if you read my sig.
CHeck out this read from dvd shrink

IDE Setups:
Maxtor 250Gig ATA133 Primary Master
BenQ 1620 B7P9 MCSE patched burning
BenQ 1620 B7U9 MCSE patched ripping
This is a snaposhot of DVDShrink at 43% like i saw in the initial post. Tell me I’m doing something really stupid:

Ok, same setup, but did the following.

  1. Used DVD Decrypter to rip movie from 1620 B7U9 MCSE patched Sec Slave to SATA RAID Stripe. 7 minutes roughly
  2. Used DVDShrink to read from RAID Stripe to write to 250Gig HDD.

Keep in mind my RAID stripe is 2x36Gig 10,000 rpm SATA WD Raptor drives, explain the following. :eek:

Your results look normal to me keep in mind the others were not re-encoding the movie (e.g the file size was below that of a standard DVD5 or were using the DVD9 target) because doing incurs overhead and also ticking the boxes for the quality settings does so as well.

Take a look at the screenshots below the first is Shrink using the DVD9 profile so its not re-encoding the files.

The second is using the DVD5 profile so it is re-encoding the files.

The last is the same as the previous DVD5 profile but with both quality options selected (Deep analysis & sharp profile for HQAEC).
(Edit:whoops messed up that last screenshot forgot it was doing the deep analysis but you get the idea I hope)

(By the way on 2x Hitachi Deskstars 7K250 in RAID 0 here)

Thanks Pinto I will try it out.
The samller the file is the faster the ripper.
Xtw1ster great skin.Where from?
Friends from the time I bought this drive, I have abandoned 4163. :wink:
I was getting 3-4 MB/s and a time no less than 14 minutes to encode a film.
Now whatever the rate is, the time is cut to half the above :o.

Thanks, I figured there had to be something in the mix there. I also forgot that with this last install of windows I had not installed the Nvidia SW IDE driver. I have come to realize that nvidia’s optimaztion of the ide driver does really work. So everyone that read this, pardon my 3-4 post heart attack.
:bow: :bow: :bow:

I use Style XP, the skin i am using is called “Nocturnal”. The creator’s name is Lightstar. In my opinion he is one of, if not the king of themes. Here’s a link to the theme i am using.

Nvidia SW IDE driver.
What driver is that?Should I install it?