Don't expect a Nintendo Wii successor anytime soon



Don’t expect a Nintendo Wii successor anytime soon.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Nintendo will continue promoting the Wii game console through 2011, and a Wii 2 console launch won't take place until the current platform reaches 45 million units sold in the U.S. market. 

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It’ll be a while before the Wii reaches 45 million unit sales, especially when the second-hand market is out there. Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, yard sales, etc. I had a hell of a time getting rid of my Wii recently–tried Ebay and Craigslist to no avail (going for peanuts!) so I finally sold it on Amazon, and even then, after all the fees, shipping, etc., I barely got $100 for it.

The Wii might have a “strong” following, but would never know it judging by how many people buy one then try to sell it as fast as they can.


Our Wii gets little use anymore… I’d be surprised if it has been turned on at all in the last couple of months. My kids are older now and prefer the PS3.


Agreed … after the novelty of the games wears off, 2 hrs after unwrapping the game, the wii gets put back in the corner …


Well, there is a couple of Wii worthy titles we own that we come back to now and again. Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Brawl… Occasionally if the kids have someone over that does not own them… Wii Sports Resort comes out, but I don’t think those games are enough to prevent the extra work in keeping the Wii dust free and not boxing it up for storage in the basement or movement from the living room to a less obvious place. We got the Wii just after launch and it served it’s purpose and now that we have the PS3 it’s time to say good-bye to the Wii… And I gotta wonder what Nintendo is thinking… they struck gold with the Wii… if you have a card to play, now is the time to play it… I suspect the next XBOX and PlayStation sequel consoles will likely hit before the Wii2 can cash in and it will be the end of Nintendo.


if you take the 30 million units sold over 4 years of sales, you get a current total rate of 7,500,000 units per year

at the current rate, the sales of 15 million, would theoretically take another 2 years

however, it is safe to assume that since the initial release, the console sales per month/ per year, have decreased at a steady rate.

taking the decrease per year into consideration, reaching the goal of another 15 million, could take 3 or more years.

here is a time line of the nintendo home console releases

1983/1985 - NES
1991 - SNES
1996 - N64
2001 - GC
2006 - Wii

using past trends as a measure future releases, a Wii 2 is due next year.

this is interesting

historically the nes was very popular selling 61.91 million units. thats huge numbers for an early generation console. then the snes is just behind with 49.10 million units.

the n64 and gamecube, not so much, but together sold 54.67 million units

the wii is now popular with 75.90 million units, but nintendo is not making as much money off the wii as they did with the NES or SNES. the nes originally sold for $250 in the 80’s!!! thats the equivalent to almost $500 today. then add the loss due to piracy of games and the numbers are even shorter.

the DS [all models] has the second highest sales of all gaming devices. only behind the PS2 by a few million. 135.58 million to 146.9 million

nintendo has learned their lesson with the N64 and gamecube. they will not release another home console anytime soon. they are right to develop the DS further.

to support this look at the gameboy, plus the gameboy advance sales of over 200 million units.

nintendo has six of the top ten best selling game consoles. three of which are handhelds. the total number of the handhelds sold 335.78 million, the total number of consoles sold 186.91 million. thats 64% of sales going to handhelds!!! the price of a DS is not much lower than a wii. but the manufacturing cost is most likely much lower.


using past trends as a measure future releases, a Wii 2 is due next year. [/QUOTE]

Most of Nintendo’s past consoles after the 16bit era will failors, didn’t many sales or third party support.

Since the Wii has been the first console (since SNES) to really get third party support and sales and have virtual downloads etc. I doubt they’ll kill it just yet…but I could be wrong. Either way a Wii 2 will happen one way or another.