Don't do what i did

well i got a new dvd burner about a year ago now. it said “digital research” on the box but come to find out it was a BTC. anyways, it shows up in device manager as “DVDRW IDE1004” and is secondary IDE master. i’ve been burning Ritek G04’s for some time now without much problem but i decided to check the firmware that i had just so i had the latest. come to find out i had 0039…which i see was very old. so i have tried for the last 2 days to try to flash through windows (not dos yet) but it comes up the same as i’ve seen with some others on the board. there is no drive in the drop-down box…or the one that i did get to work read back some error like this i’ve tried every last update. i was wondering to myself if maybe it was a problem that in my device manager that it didnt have the “IM” or whatever at the end of the “1004” so i decided to simply “uninstall” it, then restart and let it load back in. easy right?

actually no. all i get now is the bsod every time windows loads. i dont have the latest fw in the temp folder so a read only ntfs bootdisk will do me no good. i even think i have a ntfs write disk somewhere…not sure though. i dissabled the drive in the bios and it still gives me the blue screen…and i even unplugged the drive and booted up and it does the same thing.

i have my hd’s on my raid controller so when i put in the windows disk to do a repair it says “no hd’s found.” what an afternoon! lol

i guess i’ll have to do some drive switching around but i wonder what made it do this… i’m sure its a driver issue…i guess. and can someone please tell me why i can’t flash my fw anyways???


the pc in question:
xp pro (sp2)
asus p4c800-e deluxe
2.8 ht p4
512mb pc3700
dvd-rw ide1004
hitachi dvd-rom gd

Hi and welcome here at CDF

when you can find the extracted files (from the firmware you downloaded from BTC) in your windows/temp directory, you can try it again by exchanging the Windows flash utility to an older one from a firmware you can download from The Dangerous Brothers

just an update. the file that was causing the error was actually from roxio. had to fix the registry through the repair console on the xp cd but all is fine now…

however, i still cannot flash the drive. i emailed btc support and they sent me a file…which i already had tried…and guess what, it didnt work either. there is just no drive displayed in the drop down box??

i’ll try a dos flash here shorly.