Don't count on rebateshq to perform



You can add me to the list of the screwed by in the most recent (purchase by March 13) Verbatim 16X DVD+R $10 mir on a 25 stack as promoted by Or what I should say is attempted the “UPC submitted not correct for rebate” hose job like they’ve done to everybody I suspect from the recent feedback on this forum. As usual, I got the postcard after 6 weeks, called the number on the card, sat on hold for 20 minutes (at least the call was free), got the usual polite, non-english speaking customer dis-service representative that after 4 please holds informed me that everything is now corrected and my $17 rebate check was released yesterday, the check number is XXXXX, and I should see it in only 4-6 weeks !!! Great ! The only remaining problem is that I sent in the maximum 3 offers at $10 each, so I was foolishly expecting $30. What made me ask the amount of the check is beyond me. So, I requested to speak with a supervisor, we got things all ironed out, a simple error in entering the data, we are all human, after all, I was told. When I quizzed the guy about all the negative feedback on this forum, he admitted they routinely reject a whole class of submissions and deal with only the ones that take the time to raise hell. I started this out by sending an email 8 days ago, again foolishly expecting a reply. Obviously I expect way too much. Last step will be a call or note to Verbatim regarding both the handling of their rebate, and the half-assed customer service at the retail level. 16X Verbatim blanks at 32 cents is a good deal, especially if you take the time to follow up and check back on these worthless crooks.




This is one of the reason I do NOT buy stuff based on rebates. Ever. In fact, I would rather pay a little more up front, and not deal with rebates at all.


Supermediastore actually does a decent job of helping you recover your rebate; I just called them up and they fixed the problem for me in about 10 minutes. That was a month ago, and I finally got my rebates (2 x 10$) for my verbatim 16x today.


Other than the lack of an email reply, my problem was not with supermediastore but However, if a merchant does not intend to reply to a customer service email link found on their site, I would suggest the removal of that link and any others where the mail evidently goes into the trash rather than to a person with the job of dealing with it. But again, I am only a customer, so to expect good service is my fault.


When we all quit hitting our thumb with a hammer… just maybe a simple price off discount will return…?? :iagree:


hate to say it since this is a a pout thread but i have had nothing but good luck with parago/rebateshq for several thousands of dollars worth of rebates. the few of mine that i have had to call on or resubmit have been handled promptly and politely.


Wish I could say the same. What those crooks try to pull off is nothing less than fraud. :a



I don’t consider my post a “pout” thread but only as an attempt to pass along my experience with and to others that might be able to use my information in making an educated buying decision. Sounds like you have had a lot better luck in your extensive dealings with than I have in my few, but a couple facts remain: 1.) Many many people are being screwed by their handling of legitimate rebate submissions (if you don’t believe me search the posts that cover them) and 2.) The customer service supervisor I spoke with admitted they routinely reject entire classes of rebate submissions since few people keep track or follow up on them. I agree they are polite, just inept and corrupt.

I’m not pouting, I’m mad as hell and I’m bitching about it to the guilty parties and others like you and the rest of these forum participants that just might find themselves in my shoes and wish somebody would have warned them ahead of time. And I will in the future continue to demand performance of merchants and rebate fulfillment companies
that refuse to hold up their end of the deal after the fact. Anybody that considers a rebate as part of the selling price of any item is a fool when dealing with crooks, whether merchants or fulfillment scams.


You and me both man. Anyways, as far as paying more upfront, you actually spend less.


I also happened to buy 3 packs of Verbatim 16x DVD+Rs, and got a good ole’ card back stating that my rebate was not honored since I had not made the purchase within the specified period. This of course was a load of bull, so I did e-mail RebatesHQ – they sent me a half-assed response which did NOT address my issue (I hope they are on drugs, cause it did not even seem that they read the contents of my e-mail)… Further replies that I’ve sent did not help…

So, yesterday I phoned Verbatim (as they did not reply to my e-mail) and got a response that the card I got from Verbatim was a “mistake” and my rebate was in processing and on it’s way. The woman said she couldn’t get any info on the amont of the rebate (after I asked her to confirm that it is $30 and not $10), but assured me that I can call them again if there are any problems when I get my check.

We shalt see…


To further follow up on my “Pout”, I spent an hour yesterday with just about everybody at Verbatim that would answer the phone about the bullshit that rebates.hq is putting Verbatim buyers (customers ?) through, and received mostly "nope, not my job, the person I think you need to talk to is not in, if that is the correct person, how about sending an email to (which was done 2 weeks ago) and if the person that receives your email is not the correct one, they will see that it gets to the right person.

Also wasted some more time calling to see if they have any interest in helping me out. On hold for 15 minutes only to speak with a (and I love this title-“customer service representative”) that said my bone should be picked at

End result, nobody at either place really gives a damn about customer service, nor do they have any clue as to why an email sent to the link posted on both supermedia or Verbatim’s website never (I guess maybe never is too strong a word, how about 16 days ?) receives a reply !

More as this story matures, if indeed it ever does.

Many thanks to whomever supplied that link to the FTC, that form can be used for abuses of all sorts, to include the do-not-call registry, spam, and more.

Maybe we can heat things up at just a bit ?


I would keep pounding at rebateshq.

I had the same problem with DVD+Rs purchased from Meritline. First postcard said the purchase wasn’t made within the promotion period. I called rebateshq and explained that the purchase was most certainly within the period specified. I was told my rebate was valid and would be processed. I then received a second post card that said the rebate was invalid due to the postmark date. However, the received date shown on the website was before the postmark deadline so that really wasn’t a problem either. I called back and was told they couldn’t do anything and that I needed to resubmit copies to the address on the card. With this call I also thought to ask about the amount since I submitted three upcs for 25-packs and should be receiving $30. Nope, they are claiming they only received one rebate request. I say “How can you have only one when they were all submitted in the same envelop?” “Sorry, you must resubmit.” Ok, so I sent copies of everything with a nice cover letter addressing all issues, the purchase period, postmark date and amount of the rebate. In the mean time, I am also having the purchase period, postmark date issues on a single rebate for Verbatim DVD+R DL, so I address that rebate in the same letter. Two weeks later I check the status online. The DVD+R DL rebate is shown as valid and processing. Only one rebate for $10 is shown as valid and processing for DVD+Rs. It should be three. Ok, I’m back on the phone with rebateshq. The “customer service” person said I would need to resubmit the other two rebates they only received one. :a
I say look, I am not resubmitting again. I submitted the items required for three rebates originally and again when I resubmitted. In each case, if you received one rebate then you received all three. I still get “I’m sorry you must resubmit.” I asked to speak with her supervisor. I explained everything to the supervisor and finished off with something like before I waste any more stamps resubmitting these rebates to you again, I will use the stamps to send some letters to Verbatim, the FTC and the Better Business Bureau. Surprisingly, (since this was not my first time speaking to a supervisor in this whole fiasco and the prior time got me nowhere) the supervisor keyed two additional rebates into their system while I was on the phone with him and provided with me tracking numbers. I have checked online, the two rebates are showing as valid and in process. I have received checks for the other two which were shown as valid earlier and keeping my fingers crossed on the other two.

If you haven’t done it yet, I suggest you resubmit a copy of the original submission and letter covering all issues to the address on the card and then start calling again after a couple of weeks.


I hope you have filed a complaint with the FTC anyway and emailed Verbatim and the retailer that you have done so. Maybe if they get a couple hundred of these complaints Verbatim, retailers and the FTC will rain a load of s**t on


Finally got ahold of the person at Verbatim that CLAIMS to be able to get with Parago/ to straighten this debacle out. At first she claimed to be unaware of the well known (here at least, of course the mfr would be the last to know) scams regarding the rebate fullfillment firm chosen by Verbatim. After hearing that the supervisor at Parago admitted screwing with the submissions, she became a bit more admissive that they were aware of some “problems” and she promised to phone back after investigating.

I’ll be baack…


You can contact rebatehq @ 972-538-7200

Be persistent. Don’t give up. The person that answers will try to make you call somewhere else.

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You guys are trying to wind me up again with this Rebateshq scam.

Since the last post on 4/19:

1.) After I raised hell numerous times with, I did receive all promised rebates.

2.) Verbatim totally dropped the ball and did not follow up as promised.

3.) also totally blew me off after promising to investigate and call back.

Guess where I choose not to shop and whose media I refuse to buy ?

Vote with your wallets, friends, and to hell with


Sorry to get you going. I just had a run around with these guys. I call the Florida Better Business B. and got the above number. All it took was one call and i got the rebate.

Ramon…Bring this man a rebate that doesn’t deserve a robe
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Yo stevefromyellowst-

Please refrain from digging up old threads - this one is only SEVEN months old-



I just recently had a run in with rebateshq. I was able to get something accomplished, but I had to work hard at it. Finding this phone number was tough. I was just attempting to get the info out there. I did a web search and posted the info wherever I could.

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