Don't buy Norton Anti Virus 2006



Take a look at this


Software-related thread, so moved to General Software :wink:


lol too bad ive already got norton 2006 :wink: oh no…lol


Interesting find :)…but I don’t use Norton these days, too bloated for my tastes.


I use avg free and zonealarm free and its alot better than norton!!


Well not a big supprise. Norton (I had back in the 90’s) was junk. I whould never use it again.


They fixed that problem


My isp offers free norton virus,spyware apps but prefer avg also no bloat


yes norton may be bloatware but it works for me and it gives me peace of mind rather than just listening to everyone and just think yeah im safe. the key word here being that it WORKS.


Kaspersky for me.

:cool: :cool:


I install all of them, and then deal with my systems bipolar outbursts. Truly amusing, and to be sure with all the bloat on my system, it’s a wonder I get anything accomplished. :stuck_out_tongue:



Meanwhile, the flaw happens to come at a very awkward time for Symantec. John Thompson, chief executive, Symantec just recently campaigned to convince consumers to trust Symantec and not Microsoft for protecting their personal information.

You can’t trust neither :smiley: I use Norton 2005 and I am quite happy, no problem whatsoever, yes it is bloatware but it works for me, I have a hefty system. As to Norton CRAP 2006, it is an even bigger bloatware, takes forever to bloody install (even despite having the fastest drive and processor and RAM). Too late - I tried getting my money back but you can’t return open software :smiley: Anyways,on a positive note, Norton 2006 has managed to detect and fix/completly remove some spywares that neither AdAware, Spybot S&D nor Spysweeper could detect, so I guess that’s a good thing :smiley:

As far as why the bloody (BEEP) is it so bloated and takes so long to install is beyond me, poor coding. Norton has a great potential for being the best but its coded like SH… you know :smiley:


Gee, people sure have it good … when they can sit in their rooms spend eons finding software exploits & then write virii to take advantage of those software exploits.

The fact that they bother is a sure sign that the human race is going to tear itself to pieces eventually :wink:


hopefully the anti virus polizei wil make a new law that entitles them to rip a new a$$ hole for every hacker/virus creator out there too :bigsmile:



My own two cents, used norton for many years. Mostly, it worked well, but when it can’t handle something, occasionally things get very bad. After multple crashes and reformats on the 5 pcs in my house, I swore off norton for good. I still miss ghost, but Acronis True Image does a good job. Right now I’m using Panda, much less bloated, no crashes and it works… :cool:


kaspersky works for me!


I was thinking of moving to Norton’s Anti Virus. Would it be too demanding for a Win98 system? How much user control does it allow? Can it be shut off (not just disabled)? Can it be kept from running at Windows startup? Do you have to use IE?


Like Id33k said back in the 90’s :a norton was junk. :iagree: , it would delete spyware, adware, or detect some viruses. I have used Kaspersky, but now i use Mcafee internet suite.


AVG free works great, plus its free, I reccomend it.


Yes Kapersky works for everyone and is the best, but not everyone wants to spend 49.99 a year for an anti-virus program when there are very good, (maybe a notch below Kapersky) but free. I use the anti virus that is provided by my internet provider it is made by Computer Associates ( EZ TRUST 7.0) and I find it quite good. It might not find every little thing but it is very easy to navigate and does the job.