Dont buy cheap cd-r's this is why

here are a few scans of a cheap staples brand cd-r only a few months old

So far I did not know that it was even possible to scan CDs for their quality. Can anyone recommend any tools that offer that feature? Do I have to scan the CDs before or after burning data onto them?

Scanning CDs for errors is a combination of drive and software. Lite-On drives and Benq’s 16x DVD burners can be used to scan for C1C2 errors after burning using Kprobe or Nero CD-DVD Speed. Certain Plextor drives (Premium 52x CD-RW, 712A and 716A) can do the same using PlexTools, and they can also test the drives prior to burning (Focus/Tracking Error test).

Well, then it looks like I lose… :frowning: I am using a Matshita CW-7582, which is at least 5 years old.

Were those Staples brand CD-R made in India?

Can you scan CD-R’s using a NEC 6650 8x DVD burner?

wow and i thought my 50 pack of paper weight (lead data) cd’s burnt bad

GQ brand?
They burn suprisingly well in the Pioneer A09 at least.