Dont buy CDR media made in "Taiwan"

Odds are if you buy media made in taiwan you will end up with CMC magnetic :Z . Not only should you look at where its from but also the packaging can be used to identify the crap from the good stuff. Remember to “Reasearch” stuff first. Thats the key word here.

Excuse me, but most media are made in taiwan.

is gigastorage or princo of poor quality? No.

princos are crap too i had 4 out of 10 come out a coaster while burning at tgheir rated speeds

Not all CMC is bad…don’t believe me ? try some Phillips 40x…Hmmm now what ya got to say about Taiwan & CMC ?

in sweden it doesn’t say on tha package where they are manufactured :frowning:

Almost EVERY single disc here is made in taiwan :slight_smile: (Except for the rare disc Made in Brazil :slight_smile: )
And they’re mostly great quality discs, like Prodisc, Princo, Gigastorage, DST (Some good ones, some crap ones that use their ATIP also exist), Ritek (TDK-branded, great quality, 32x cyan or phthalo, depending on your preferences), and so on.
All of these have given me minimum (or no) failures. And the failures were mostly MY failures…

So it’s no use not buying media because of procedence :slight_smile:

Not all discs from Taiwan are bad. I have Philips Silverspeed 32x that are made by Ritek and are of good quality