Dont buy any drives from I/O magic corp



hey there guys just wanted to inform you of my experience here, had a dual drive from Magicspin (I/O magic corp.) which actually performed well, so if you have one it will do its job, now for the story, while burning a dvd, the power here went out, after power came back on booted computer up and the drive was dead, go figure. After calling the company to get an RMA number they advised me in order to get an RMA I would need to fax or mail them a reciept. (email copy was not allowed:( ) any way I told the guy I did not have access to the recipet since it had been 8 months ago but the drive was still under its 1 year warranty, they refused to replace it without a copy of the reciept so I told them I would no longer buy a magicspin drive and I would post my unhappy results from there warranty program so here it is all you who buy their products, it worked well for me but if it goes out and you dont have your reciept your screwed. FYI.


You think?

“Don’t buy generic cheap stuff, it is garbage.”

What was your first clue? :wink: