Done with STUDIO 14HD, need another capture device/ ed. software

Hi, :rolleyes:
I think I’m going to abandon the Pinnacle Studio (Movieboard12, and Ultimate HD 14) route and try something else as far as capturing analog audio and video. All I have been experiencing in the last seven months is the oos, or the out of sync audio, due to the two separate inputs. First I hear the voices, then about a 6 seconds later, I see the lips move.

Hooked up like this- Analog camcorder camera (vhs-c)- RCA out to PCI-500 capture card. Supplied Audio ‘Y’ cord from Camcorder audio-out to computer onboard system sound.(realtek audio HD) thus, two different clocks, and no ‘lock in.’


So far, I am a very unsatisfied Pinnacle user, not only with their lack of support, but their hardware devices, wanting only to capture analog from Camcorder (using RCA) or VHS on a VCR…but first, I’d have to buy a newer VCR with FireWire to do this, my old Panasonic won’t work) or someone mentioned using a DV camera as a pass-through.

I do not own a HD camcorder yet, but for now, it’s burning old Camcorder VHS-C tapes to DVD.

I haven’t experienced other video editing software tools like STUDIO, so I don’t know what’s out there.

Another consideration that most people tell me is to move from XP Home SP3 to Windows 7. With XP, my memory is tapped out at 3.3MB, Windows 7 can get me 8GB. My nVidia GeForce 8600GT is only 512 Mem., I’ve been told to upgrade to the minimum of 1GB memory.

I also have been told to buy another computer and use only for video editing!!! Too many resources to disable on my present system to go through in order to do video capture, with Studio.

I’ve been thrown a myriad of products like - Ads Pyro API-557 w/ Adobe Elements 4 editing software, DataVideo Dac-100, Canopus 110, DV Flow, and Vegas 5, to name just a few.

Since I already own the Ultimate 14 Studio, I don’t know if I could use their editing software with whatever new capture device I get. I do want to edit, and not to directly burn to a DVD.

My specs~
P-35 Platinum MS-7345 Mobo
Windows XP Home Edition SP3
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs)
2.4 GHz, 3328 MB RAM (3.3GB)
NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 512 Memory Size
Realtek HD Audio Onboard System Sound
DirectX version: 9.0c
Monitor: Viewsonic VX2035wm Series

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 14 HD

 (with PCI-500 that came with movieboard12)

Thank you for any info you can give me on any of your products! :bow:

I’m no expert but I have recent experience transferring VHS to DVD for a client. We went to Bestbuy, bought a $50 Dazzle usb capture device which came with Pinnacle Studio 12. Hooked up the camcorder to the Dazzle unit, no cables were provided by Dazzle, fired up Studio 12 and began to capture. We next hooked up a VCR to the Dazzle unit, fired up Pinnalce 12 and began to capture. No problems encountered with the hardware or software, everything went smoothly. This is done on an Windows XP SP3 box, AMD 3800xp, 2GB ram. I have never had occasion to try any other hardware/software for capturing VHS, but I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by this experience. We did a bit of editing, cutting/joining mostly, burned the DVD’s and each one plays without problem, no video/audio sync problems at all.

That’s very good news for you. Did you have to go into msconfig and uncheck all the startup programs, Defrag, sign off the internet, to save resources before you captured? Also good to learn you did all this on a XP SP3 with 2GB ram. What is your (GPU) (graphics card…512 or 1GB? Are you DirectX9 or 10?

I’m trying to get pinnacle to send a replacement capture device, (like maybe the dazzle USB, because this PCI-500 card with video/out with no audio is problematic. Thanks!

Well, I tweaked their system pretty well when they first got it so there was no need to disable anything in startup, but I don’t have defrag run automatically on any machine I setup. I sat at the computer for over an hour surfing the net while we captured the first tape without problem. This computer is using the onboard video chip, an Nvidia 6100 with 512MB ram, not exactly a powerhouse GPU and Directx 9c. One other thing, I did not use the Pinnacle 12 DVD authoring part of the program or the burn engine. I captured in mpeg2 format, used DVDFlick to author the DVD (under advanced video setting I set it to copy mpeg streams so no conversion was necessary) and Imgburn to burn the actual DVD’s.

I’ve heard lots of complaints about your pci card. I personally like pinnacle studio software (i have studio 12) . I would suggest you get an ads pyro av/link, or a canopus advc 100 or 300 . Either will lock the audio and video for you