Donate movies to U.S. troops



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A Blockbuster and USO joint promotion asks the public to support the American soldier with DVDs and video games. Through a press release the two companies announced their plans and what to do…

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Hollywood Video is doing the same as well.


BlockHead video - turning our troops into mindless zombies.


Wouldn’t it be better if we sent them stuff that can stop bullets? I mean, how many GIs have been waxed already? [leaves to go check] Whoa – 4,113 !!! Screw Edward Scissorhands. Give them clothing coated with some of that TDK shit they use for Blu-ray discs. I hear it’s pretty hard. Just my two cents.


One single blockbuster retail store destroys (via massive hole punching machine) 1000 dvd and video-games each week that cannot be donated to troops or charity because legally it is an unfair advantage (walmart threatened to sue) Thus Blockbuster is charging consumers for donated dvds and matching consumer purchases up to 20000 of old dvds that would have been destroyed anyway… ?? seriously corporate greed! why not just donate all of the unwanted movies instead of charging customers to donate them