Donate CD Freaks?


I just noticed there is this button on top of this forumpage, next to the regular banner, where you ask for help and ask for a donation.

When I click this button (as I always click banners here) I am directed to a PayPal page where I can fill in a form.

Can you please give more information on this, would like to know what the story is behind this. Of course I would like to donate, you do great stuff, especially the help on this forum and the reviews, that must cost at least money for testing materials.

Thanks in advance.

Ok, I will only go into this briefly now, because we are currently working on the full implementation of this and as soon as we have finished this we will inform you in more detail.

On this forum we have a lot of people who help out other users. The moderators and administrators of this forum put in a lot of their spare time to help as many of you as possible and of course to the best of their ability.

Some of these moderators/administrators are also reviewers for our site (you must have seen several of our exclusive and extensive reviews of the latest hardware and software). Although the drives are provided by the respective manufacturers, the media used and other supplies (for example a game that has the latest Safedisc copy protection on it) are boughth by the reviewer from his own money. Sometimes they even buy extra supplies so the can test things for people of this forum, so they can better help you.

Since this is all done on a voluntary basis, noone is getting paid for this, we are now offering a possibility for users to show their gratitude when they have been helped on this forum or because they would like to support this site in general.

By clicking the button at the top of each forum page you will be redirected to a page where you can fill in a forum if you want to support us and donate a small amount of money.

You are in no way forced to do so, all contributions made are absolutely on a voluntary basis. Furthermore, I would like to stress that all the money that will be donated, will be used to buy supplies that can be used for reviews and other research. So in a way, all themoney that will be donated will be invested in further research so we can help you even more in the future.

I hope to have explained this sufficiently for now. We will soon release an official statement in this respect, but now you at least know a little bit more on this ‘donation thing’.

So if you want to help us help you, you can invest in our research by making a donation.

Many thanks in advance!

Ok, thanks for your ‘short’ reply (wonder what the long reply would be then :D).

Things are clear for me now.

hehe, why do you think they put a charracter limit on each post.
Tax kept posting solutions that would crash anything with less than 128mb of ram :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Could there be the possibility that the banners and the donate to cd freaks link would pop up in a new explorer. I think it is for the analog modem users verry annoying when they lost the site and be sent to another one instead of having just 2 windows.

You can also rightclick the banner and select ‘Open in new window’

Or hold down shift when you click it…it will open in a new window too.

Problem would be solved then…