has anyone encountered a problem while copying domino widescreen? I am able to decrypt and save to harddrive with no problem but when i try to burn i get a failure about 2 - 5 min later. yes i am able to burn other movies with no problem. just wondering if this is a new encryption.

Donino region 1/4 U.S. and Mexico using DVDFAB decrypter and Nero on TDK TTG02 at 4X is not a problem. Post more information and the experts will be able to help you.
What disk code? What speed? What failure ? What software? Is dinner ready yet? Maybe a log of the failure.

domino widescreen region 1 dvd fab , nero on tdk media. and i also tried on my other computer using anydvd and nero, both fail all i get is error message that says burn fail. tried all the usual stuff burning at differnt speeds using dif. media, like i said i am able to burn other tiltles. right now i am trying to burn using clone dvd. i will see what happens if i get a fail then i will just get a differnt copy of the movie and try again. thanx for any suggestions folx.

finally success using the old standby dvd shrink, i had to reauthor and just burn the main movie.

Unsure of what you meant by, “…domino widescreen region 1 dvd fab , nero on tdk media…”. Do you mean you used fab decrypyter (freeware) to rip and then burned with nero? I had absolutely no problem…fab express v., main movie, flawless bkup as usual. Anyway, glad you finally got it to work.