Domin8tor... It's not so correct!

Hey… Do you tink that it’s right starting a pool, asking to vote and take three other people?
NO…! According to me you’re wronging!
NOONE VOTED FOR MARCO76 (a friend of mine, but had no votes, or a few)

Be correct…please, we are italians, NOT idiots!

Oh… I was forgiving… My board was born only because you asked to not post HOT topics, and if you took a look there, you’d see only hot topics!!! I REPEAT…“ONLY”!
I also repeat my request…be correct!

You feel scorned because you were passed by?

The poll was started to give us an idea of who is supported by most users, we never once stated that we would pick the top three, but would take things into consideration.

I have, up till now, stayed out of this discussion, but apparently this is no longer possible.

We have always respected our roots, one of which was our Italian forum. But, we have worked very hard to get this forum where it is today and we are still trying our very best to please as many people and improve this forum continuously, but in order to do so we have to have a set of rules to live by.

When these rules are not abided, we must ensure that they are and remove those posts and users that violate our rules. If this displeases some of our visitors, too bad.

I personally will continue to fight for what I believe is best for this forum and that is to uphold our forum rules and policy. if you cannot accept or respect that, I suggest you take things elsewhere where you can make up your own set of rules.

You are damn right !

Domi has no right putting his deciscions over the users who pay a lot to support this forum ! Since we all pay Domi’s salary i think our opinion must be honored ! I say we cut Domi’s paycheck till he learns how to handle complaints of hotheads ! A week without eating will sure put him quiet !

Damn… i love sarcasm…

@ Da_Taxman: I’m not scorned…! But what if it was happened to you?
Domin8tor proposed…Italians voted…Domin8tor decided! ???

Did you know that cico deleted MY topic NOT one, NOT two but THREE times?

A little respect!

I have send you a PM to explain it, you have have the right on an explantion. Now also please stop complaining. We try to do what we think is best for the forum. Please stop discussing it, it will only heat things up.

Originally posted by VanadiuM
Domin8tor proposed…Italians voted…Domin8tor decided!
That is his prerogative. The votes by the Italian members gave him a bit more insight in the Italian users.

Originally posted by VanadiuM
Did you know that cico deleted MY topic NOT one, NOT two but THREE times?

If this is so, do not complain in public, but first to the moderator concerned (in this case Cico) and if this doesn’t help, you can contact me and I will look into the matter. I cannot judge things now, for I do not know the contents of your posts, but if they were against the rules, they are deleted correctly. If it is out of personaly grudge, then we need to do something about it. But as said, i cannot act on something I am not made aware of.

Originally posted by VanadiuM
A little respect!
I respect those who respect this forum and me and what I stand for. So if you do all that, you have my respect. If you don’t, you are in the wrong place.