Domin8tor cheated?

if u see the poll, the winners are: vanadium,canisplus and venerdi’. i wonder why aren’t they with cico85 as mod on italian forum. only canisplus has been added

You seem to be really concerned for someone that wants to leave the board. But to answer your questions. Yes we have cheated. Cico85 has proposed Marko76 and canislupus. We both think that VanadiuM is not the right person, also because he is advertising hiw own forum a lot. canislupus was however second so he is also well respected I think and a good choice.

Again, this is not a democracy, the poll was a very good indication of the supported people and that is also why we have come to canislupus. I wish him and Marko76 all the best in their new job, and I hope others will not make it too difficult for them.

It’s has to work and if you are not satisfied with the measures we have taken, trying to make the best out of it, I can only say: take it or leave it. We do our best, we can do nothing more…

i just wonder why u’re so angry with me. everytime i say something u take it in the bad way and u’d prefer to trust last guy arrived than me.

u’re right, no one force me to stay, but i just wanan remember you that me and other made cdfreaks big (italian section and not).

Since u don’t like me anymore, i leave you to this kind of stocks company that cdfreaks is now


----Scene is for fun----

You previous replies haven’t been very nice to either me or CD Freaks, if you mean them friendly, I apologize for seeing this different. You know I have always supported you and have always appreciated your work. Unfortunately your work has not been enough to have the Italian Forum up and running as it should.

Therefor we need new people on the forum, with a fresh new attitude. If this doesn’t work either, there is nothing left but closing the forum. As your comments on CD Freaks becoming more commercial, you should see how much work we do for the site, how much bill have to be paid and how good the site/forum is as it is today, we won’t let that ruin by some people that need cracks and warez. Things change, accept it…

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----Scene is for fun----

Don’t make me laugh … You’re as big a scener as I am a hacker.

scene is not webpages belvedere

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scene is not webpages belvedere


the ‘scene’, while being for fun, costs money. cdfreaks isnt a ‘stocks’ company, if i read your meaning correctly. domi is just trying to keep the site running legally, and doing one hell of a job at that.

as for cheating - when did domi make cdfreaks a democracy? domi is in charge, he asked the opinions of forum members, and then ruled, taking the forum’s general consensus into consideration, but by no means leaving his personal judgement aside.

if i remember correctly, didnt cdfreaks get shut down at one time…because of all the illegal activities? im suprised to see how far we’ve come, and of course, we cant let it go back to how it was before.

Thanks for your understanding guys, I will also close this thread, I have explained enough :wink:

It’s either this or the forum closed.