Dolby Volume audio processing available next month

I just posted the article Dolby Volume audio processing available next month.

Available in Japan, Dolby Laboratories announced that their unique Dolby Volume technology will become available in Japan on Toshiba’s new REGZA ZH500 and ZV500 LCD HDTVs. Dolby Volume allows…

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It’s called compression and it’s been around for years. When appliec well it helps levels out the volumes. When applied badly it sounds like someone playing with the volume control.

Yeah, but what if I want the commercials to be 3x louder than the show?

@ neo1918 They’re that way now. My next TV will have a volume limiter on it. :frowning:

Let’s see a standalone product that I can use with my existing hardware. Buying a new receiver is nice but I want Dolby Volume w/ the HW I have.