Dolby Vision

I’m curious how MKVToolnix handles discs that have Dolby Vision (at the moment, Fate of the Furious is the only one confirmed ripped in the spreadsheet, but there are a few others that are supported now; my only Dolby Vision disc isn’t supported yet). My understanding is that MKV doesn’t have any way to even represent the Dolby Vision metadata right now. So I guess I’m mostly curious if MKVToolnix is at least able to read the HDR10 bits out of the M2TS, ignoring the Dolby Vision part. Alternately, any suggestions for a tool to remux to MP4, keeping the lossless audio track and chapter markers?

The HDR10 works fine on the rip. I do not have a DV capable display so I can’t say one way or another on that end, but he HDR10 is good to go.

Thanks. I have a DV display, but my receiver doesn’t have a software update for DV yet (and Shield can’t pass DV, nor my UHD-BD player). And I’d value convenience of Plex on Shield over using the TV to directly play (and losing lossless audio in the process), so DV is still theoretical for me.

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I thought Despicable Me and Power Rangers were the only DV titles out there?

I own RED 2.

Ray over at AVSforum is keeping a pretty definitive list and he updates the first page often.

Looks like 15 current DV titles and 6 upcoming.

Ohh they’ve just added some more.