Dolby to launch Dolby Pulsar screen with 4000 nits brightness



Dolby has announced it is moving into the TV market with a new project called Dolby Pulsar being shown off, aiming to bring a super screen with a super brightness.

Many TVs currently output around 100 nits, but the Dolby Pulsar tech will have 4000 nits, which the company says will dazzle the viewer with its realism.

Dolby unveiled the display at an event placing it next to a 1080p TV with the same resolution. The Pulsar tech has better and brighter colours, a higher dynamic range and intense colour sensitivity, plus the whites were whiter and metallics were shiny.

In addition, the Dolby has partnered with Philips to bring you a glasses-free 3D display but this TV won’t be cheap to run. In fact, its powerful clarity will cost you four times as much as LEDs and a liquid cooling system is in place to keep it running.

According to Dolby, glasses-free 3D TVs will go on sale next year for around the same cost as 4K TVs. We expect the Dolby Pulsar will be launched at CES in January so keeps your eyes peeled