Dolby plug-in for Nero 6.6 (OEM)

I have Nero OEM Version 6.6, and when I use NeroVision Express to add video files to a project I receive the message “Dolby Digital 2-channel decoding is not available. This feature can be added by installing the DVD-Video Plug-in …”. My question is, which plug-in? There are several, but I think I need either:

DVD-Video Plug-in $24.99
DVD-Video Multichannel Plug-in $27.99

I’m a web designer and need to make video clips that will be added to a web site. (The DVDs are not protected and we have legal permission to use such clips.) I may never have to do this again so don’t want to spend more than necessary. But I don’t want to buy the wrong plug-in, then have to buy another, or worse have to upgrade to Nero 7.

I hope I’ve provided enough information, and I’d be grateful for any help.

Susan W.