Dolby Digital Sound for HDTV in Europe



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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Sep 09, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Dolby Laboratories (NYSE: DLB) announced today that the first three broadcasters to launch high-definition (HD) television in Europe…

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us u.k viewers dont want to have to get hdtv by using sky, its very expensive, it should be through terrestrial channels, well dvb (freeview) free channels like bbc1,2,itv etc. analog signal isnt being switched off till 2010, was supposed to be 2007 i think, which would have been ok. current hdtv sets will be out dated as new tvs will have the new dolby digital plus and dolby hd and a new dts or something. i want hdtv picture and 5.1 sound, but us brits always get the hard deal, u.s and japan always get everything cheaper and faster.


are you telling me europe is just now getting hdtv?


No, already here since a few years, but not much channels so far and NOW is the time to switch to mpeg4/AVC/H.264. I think receiving HDTV with 5.1 is NORMAL or at least it should be. I have no pay-tv but receive FTA HDTV channels here in europe from various satellite positions…


most europeans dont have hdtv, the u.k certainly dosent and we arent till ATLEAST 2007, i think its 2010 though.


SKY is already testing HDTV on the “british” ASTRA position, 28.2/5 degrees east. They’ll start soon.


BBC is testing HDTV too and will start a Freeview packet via SAT soon - this is great news I think!!!


chef, where on earth did you find out that the bbc is testing hdtv and what do you mean will start a freeview “packet” via SAT? the reason i think why we havent got hdtv is that analog signal is using the spectrum that we need for hdtv and cannot be used until digital is switched off in 2010. please reply. thanks.


They are testing it (of course they have no intention to make that public yet). Also they plan to launch a FREEVIEW packet via Satellite on 28.2/5 degrees East as direct competitor to the SKY platform/channels and for those people in UK/GB which cannot receive FREEVIEW via dvb-t. Question is, when exactly and how much will BBC support HDTV?!? In case of capacity for hdtv channels which is mostly conquered by analogue channels actually, mpeg4/H.264 is the only choice.