Dolby Digital Encoding




I have recently purchased a DVD burner, and was trying to backup a DVD I have. I use DVD shrink to compress and remove the foreign languages and junk, then nero express to burn it. Midway through adding the files to nero, I got an error saying somthing about dolby digital encoding or protection and that the sound will not be copied, and the DVD still burned. When I tested it, of course, there was no sound. Does anyone have an idea to help me out? :doh:

I basically want to be able to get around the dolby protection / encoding??

If this is illegal then please tell me… :cop:


You should post the exact error message so that others don’t have to guess what error message you’re getting.


Well I’ll guess that you have nero and if you have that version then you have to buy the digital encoder for some reason if you can I would use the same serial as that one and use it on nero version But if you have nero 7 you probably want to go to nero’s site download clean tools 7 and uninstall nero 7 and run the clean tools application then download the latest nero 7 from what I heard it is an improvment from the first release and use the serial given on that version.

But this may not be the case. As AZImmortal stated the more info like version of nero ect… will get you better help. The more info you give is always easier to fix.