Dolby Digital Encoder



Has anyone come across an easy way (read free) way to encode WAV files into Dolby Digital?

Thanks in advance.


There are a few. One which works well is BeSweet with BeLight as GUI. All free.


Thank you for replying. I downloaded and ran both BeSweet and BeLight but I don’t know where the output file goes. When I load a WAV into BeLight and click start processing it goes so fast that it doesn’t appear to do anything. Do you know of any tutorials for these programs?


I found a program called WAV to AC3 Encoder at The download is from Fast, easy, has batch processing. Thank you for your time.


As far as I know there is no tutorial for those prgs. The converted file will be in the same directory as the file you were converting.
Be careful about the encoders as some of these free once do not make AC3 compliant with DVD specs. BeSweet is fine for this conversion I do not know about the other you found.