Dolby Digital 5.1 Games & Audio

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My take on Dolby Digital 5.1 for games, music & DivX;-) Cd-r files & how we should really try to push the 5.1 experience forward.

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Yes I am ripping DVD’s to CDR with the original 5.1 sound. It’s not that hard, and using a SB5.1 to output it to my Home Theatre, it sounds awesome. Usually I rip to 2 CD’s though as the quality for audio needs to be 384kps, which takes up a fair chunk of the disc.

I’ll agree, record companies seem to be focusing only on what they will lose in money. There is a lot of stuff that they refuse to re release because according to them there is no demand for it. So tons of stuff remains out of print. If they would focus on giving us something that we can’t get on the net and we enjoyed it than obviously they could retake the market instead of pouring millions of dollars into copyright protection schemes, that for the most part will be overcome. There are hackers everywhere and eventually it will get cracked than what?

I agree…partly. IF you like ELP, the 5.1 mix is incredible. And just thinking about a 5.1 mix of Hendrix’ “All Along The Watchtower” gives me shivers. But lemme tell ya, listening to the Corrs “Leave Me Breathless” in 5.1 doesn’t add much to the experience. It’s novel for about 5 seconds. Most music simply can’t be so flamingly 5.1 as ELP and get away with it…so the difference vs. stereo may not be a big deal for a lot of tunes. Thoughts anyone?