Dolby brings DVD-Audio to the PC - Launches Dolby in PC

I just posted the article Dolby brings DVD-Audio to the PC - Launches Dolby in PC.

Dolby and Creative have released information about the latest the SounBlaster Audigy 2 soundcards, that is according to the companies the first sound card technology to provide DVD-Audio playback…

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From what I read, there will be consumer DVD-Audio recording facilities available: But Sony are sticking to their propriety method as usual and will never sell SACD-Recording facilities to consumers, but only rent them to Studios: All though SACDs are selling better than DVD-Audio, I’d say this is likely to change once the DVD-Audio recorders starting being shipped :slight_smile:

Can you use a standard DVDROM drive with DVDA discs? Also will you need special playback software (as well as the soundcard) to play them? Does WinDVD 4 or PowerDVD 4 not support DVDA discs? Then also how do you get it to output to your Hi-Fi (Not PC speakers)? I use an SPDIF sending PCM but I heard DVDA is 24bit/96Khz and won’t work on SPDIF but would require an amp with firewire or USB2 support as the data rate is too high for SPDIF. Sending analog again seems like such a backwards step. Yet nearly all DVDA players and current amplifiers are using the 5.1 analog outputs from the DVDA player to the amps 5.1 analog ins. Then people say how great the sound is. Hmm. All sounds a bit confusing and messy to me. SACD will probably get waylaid by DVDA if it becomes popular enough.