Dolby 5.1 from my computer?

if I install a sound card in my computer that has a digital output, can I play movies off my hard drive thru the preview at full screen in DVD fab and get 5.1 sound? does the player in DVD fab support this? or is there a better way? I already have been using my 42" plasma TV as my monitor.

The picture quality off the hard drive is better than my DVD player, and it would really be nice to be able to use my computer like a multi disc changer.

DVDFab preview may or may not, but you wouldn’t really want to play a movie that way anyway.

VLC as well as some programs that come with the PC or DVD Drive can use the 5.1 (or better) audio if it is installed in the PC. The bigger question is what you are using for speakers. PC speakers that do 5.1 usually work in a small area. If you already have or will buy an amp and speakers then you will want to do some research on the digital inputs available on your amp and the outputs on the sound card you intend to purchase.

I am using A Sony 6.1 receiver with Klipsch speakers, running 12" and 15" subs. I basically have my computer hooked up to my home theater in my bedroom. (it’s pretty sweet!)

It would really be nice to use my computer as a player for movies right off the hard drive. Do I have to create an image of another file type to play the movies using a software type player?

Then you will want to find a audio card that has a digital output (either SPIDF or optical) that your amp will accept.

VLC will play most files, folders, and discs directly. You might also consider finding an audio card that comes with a remote control and/or jukebox software.

Thanks for the help! I will check into VLC, and new egg for an audio card with an optical out.