Dolby 3-2 or Dolby 3-6?

Hey Everyone,

I’m busy downloading the new version of CloneDVD, but I have a quick question…

When it says Dolby 3-2 and Dolby 3-6, do I need to keep both of them checked or can I uncheck one or the other?

I currently don’t have surround sound, but I plan on it in the future.

Thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile:

I use AC 3/6 only. You may see 3/2 with older DVDs. 3/6 will work just fine with 2 ch stereo and analog Dolby Pro Logic. DTS is suppose to provide better sound, if you have a DTS decoder. Personally, DOLBY DIGITAL 3/6 is good enough for me. Dump DTS and use the extra space for your main video title.

Thanks a lot, furballi!

I have a DTS Decoder on my receiver and would rather listen to DD AC 3/6. Same as furballi. Just something you will have to decide when you get your surround sound setup.

DTS vs. Dolby digital is a matter of opinion too. Personally I prefer DD.

AC 3/6 or 3/2 will provide audio playback with any sound system. To enable audio with a DTS sound track, you must have a DTS decoder. Dolby is IDIOT PROOF.

The DTS track is also much larger than AC 3/6.