Dolby 3/2 & 3/6 question on Clonedvd

Just a short question on sound when using clone dvd…
I always save dolby ac-3/6 when making backups for my 6.1 system downstairs, but want to know, when I use that on my player in the bedroom (which is only left & right channels) will the speech be all there or bits missing? Do I need to be saving dolby ac-3/2 as well?
I lent a backup copy to my sister who said she had to keep alturing the volume up and down from a 3/6 copy I had made. Her system is only 2 channel.

No you don’t need to copy the AC- 3/2 stream, only the AC-3/6 stream.
The AC-3/6 stream is backwards compatible and should play fine in 2 channel stereo mode. I don’t know why your sister is having problems in stereo mode.

Did you get the same volume problem results when you played it in your bedrooms stand alone?

Did you make a backup of a backup to loan to your sister?

Im not sure if it was a backup of a backup, would that make a differance?
These were manly done when I had just bought my first copy of Clone dvd2 and I was manly making test backups to try. Maybe shes being a bit dramatic:doh:

I do know that in those first few weeks of testin, I was burning at x16 and was having some trouble with the new pioneer dvr-109 and someone on the forum told me to burn at x4 and all is ok now. She mayhave had one of those test disc, could the faster speed afect the sound? Do you think its ok to go a bit faster than x4?

If the 3/6 is backwards convertable, why do they still put 3/2 on the dvds?

Best way to tell if she’s dramatic or not is play the same disk in your bedroom 2 channel player.

I don’t think burnig faster should change the sound.

I personally only burn at 4X, but that’s just my preference. Use only quality media or you’ll be doing it over again. If speed is important to you try burning a bit faster BUT NEVER EXCEED the media’s listed maximum speed.
When something works well for you stick with it, some burners like some media over others. My Liteon burner loves Taiyo Yuden media so that’s what I try to use, I’ve experimented with others but never got the same consistent results.

The AC-3/2 is on there for other audio features such as directors comments.