DoISO - free, open-source ISO creation utility

I released DoISO today as GPL open source here: It is simply a wrapper to mkisofs which is a powerful (but complicated to use) commandline utility. This GUI makes it easy for anyone of any skill level to make an ISO seemingly of any size.

Although it’s currently at alpha 1, it works quite well. I’ll keep adding properties for all the features of mkisofs so that it will evolve into a fairly sophisticated ISO management program. I have no need for such sophistication, but there’s no sense in ignoring all the advanced features of mkisofs.

I made the utility because I couldn’t find a free utility which could make a DVD-sized ISO from a filesystem. Someone will probably point out software that I wasn’t able to find, but it’s too late now, DoISO is gpl’d and at least it exists as an option ;).

Anyway, I hope some finds this of some use.

Just updating the progress of this program, I’ve added a heap of code to DoISO and it’s starting to look pretty good.

You can download DoISO at

So it appears that the application only creats DVD ISO and not CD ISO. Could you please confirm this?


The ISO writes perfectly to a CD or a DVD - I have tested both. There is no limit on the minimum or maximum size of the ISO, it’s up to you to make it fit on the available media.

DoISO has the option of creating a DVD Video filesystem using the DVD Video option. It tries to detect the DVD filesystem automatically for you. As for DVD Video, it will only image the entire video filesystem, there is no inline decryption.

It’s open source, so everyone is welcome to contribute code, suggestions and criticisms to the project.

It’s a front end for mkisofs so it will make any size ISO, nothings changed still a great program now thanks to ebswift it has a front end and easier to use.

DoISO burns CD’s and DVD’s now using the Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools.

Looks like a handy utility, thanks for your work ebswift.

Appologies on two counts - first for bringing this topic back to life without any real news, and secondly for anyone who has been trying to download DoISO since I posted the info about it being able to burn.

My web host hired a bunch of chimpanzees to migrate their servers and naturally this caused a lot of havoc. My site was down for over a month and when the dust finally started settling I found that my host had kindly wound back my entire site content by a month.

So, the bottom line is, if you visit the DoISO page you will now get the correct info, the correct screenshot and the correct version that will actually burn.

Thanks [B]ebswift[/B] keep up the good work it’s a excellent program . :slight_smile:

Excellent Program!!

thank u man for the prog

Thanks ebswift

I posted this up at :

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There’s a new update which includes an MSI setup and explorer integration for making ISO’s and/or burning them (as well as a few ugly bugs fixed).