Doh! a couple questions. Kprobe and CDSpeed

I use mainly KProbe to test my media (and the quality of my burns).
However, I stumbled upon this thread (Is KProbe unreliable? : )

I realise now that KProbe alone is not the best indicator of media quality. I am supposed to use CDSpeed in conjunction with KProbe.

Sorry if these questions sound naive, but they are nagging me.

  • CDSpeed3 comes with 3 tests. The ScanDisc test, the CDquality test and thirdly, the default test when you start the program (its called the Transfer speed test, right?).

  • Correct me if I am wrong, CDSpeed’s CDquality test is the same as KProbe’s BLER test, right? THEY ARE THE SAME THING RIGHT? So, why use Kprobe when CDSpeed provides an all-in-one solution?

  • The ScanDisc test tests the PHYSCIAL surface of the disc, right? So… uhm… generally speaking, it would be pointless running this test on BRAND new media; because brand new media is always unscratched, right?

  • What significance is the default CDSpeed test? (ie, the Transfer Speed test)

  • Which of these tests is the most “realistic” one? I mean, if I have a 700mb movie stored on my CD, and I want to copy it to my harddisk… which test would most accuately predict the success of my copying (using normal WinXp copying from CD to harddisk?)

  • I would appreciate if some of you experianced folks would answer this question:
    Someone comes up to you and gives you a CD. He points a gun at your head and asks you, “Is this CD good or bad?”. What test(s) would you run to give him the MOST accurate answer? and more specifically, what variables would you alter while doing these tests? (For instance, what is “Accurate Stream” checkbox mean in CDSpeed, and minor variables like that).

Once again, thank you.

aww come on!

yes transfer rate should be run as well as a bler scan.

you could use cdspeed to do all your testing. :wink:

not always…bad dye on the disk can cause errors as well as a bad burn (remember burning onto media PHYSICALLY changes it).

to see if the drive can read the dvd/cd without having to slow down at faster speeds…usually a slow down below 8x may indicate a bad burn.

a surface scan would be enough.