Dogz 5 and Catz 5



Hello There!!!
I tried to make a backup of dogz 5 and catz 5, but the games will not start. they come with an “illegal action” error.
I scanned the games to be safedisk 2.8, and i made the bacup with clonecd and the safedisk 2 profile.
Please help
thanks in advance


Clone CD tray on or off? How new is this program? Possible blacklist?

Try other media and/or Blindwrite/Alcohol 120%. See if it helps.


I tried to make a backup of dogz 5 and catz 5, but the games will not start. they come with an “illegal action” error.

This is typical of a failed back-up copy with sd 2.8.

Your writer (which is a re-badged Lite-on Ltr-24102B) is not capable of making a good back-up of sd 2.8 protected cds with CloneCD that will work (even from your Dvd-rom) without hide cdr media being enabled from the tray.

If you enable hide cdr media, your copy will probably work, at least from its installation drive (as the game may well be hot-wired to run only from that drive). However, if you get the “illegal action” error you must re-boot your system before trying again as even the original won’t run after that error comes up until after a re-boot.

If you want a back-up copy that will run from your dvd-rom without the need for the emulation provided by ccd’s hide cdr media, try either alcohol using safedisc (not safedisc 2/3) datatype settings or make an image of the cds with either discdump or clonecd (with cue) and burn the image with fireburner (using either dao16 or dao96).

Some writers of your model (or the Lite-on equivalent) can make good copies of safedisc 2.8 protected cds using those methods but not all. My old Ltr-24102B can but none of the 3 that KitnaIsntHappy has can do so.

Good luck with yours.


Well i have always made working bacups of sf 2.8, and they work on all my computers. i don’t understand why this will not work.
i remember. in the older days when clonecd couldn’t make backups of sf 2.8, i had to make the image with discjugler and burn with clonecd (mayby the other way around, can’t remember). I think i will try with a newer version of clonecd.
i use clonecd version 4, and i never use “hide cd media” because, i always manage to make working backups (with some exeptions, but then i just use the original).


Hej All
I have now tried with the newest version of clonecd, but the backup still doesn’t work.
I have before managet to make backups of The Sims Unleashed, and Sim City 4 witch is also safedisk 2.8. I really doesn’t understand why this should be so difficult.
Hope someone can help…


Use the Protected PC Game profile for reading and writing, enable Hide CDR Media it will be an emulated copy but at least it should work.


I just remembered that i made backups of the sims unleashed and sim city 2, in the early days by making the image with clonecd and burning with fireburn. I thought that this was fixed in the newer clonecd, but now i will try to make the bacup with fireburner like in the older days. why can’t clonecd just do it like fireburner???
thanks in advance


I have managed to make a working bacup without any emulation. I just made the image with CloneCD and burned it with FireBurner. Easy as that.
But i still don’t understand why CloneCD can’t do it when FireBurner can.
Thanks for your time.