Dogs trained to sniff out fake DVDs

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The entertaiment industry has a new weapon against movie pirates. Two English dogs called Lucky and Flo have become the first dogs that are used to find counterfeit DVD’s. The dogs have been taught…

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They don’t need dogs, I can smell recordable media a mile off. They stink!

Seems that it is more important to sniff out fake DVDs, than drugs and exposives.

well for starters lets boycott fedex uk for letting them use the dogs there another thing to point out is that you dont find fedex royal m or any delivery serice turning the work down do you cos money is money wherever the source be. rant over

alot of the dvdrs in the post will be files and stuff and not pirated movies. completely pointless!!!

Maybe they can sniff out the 0’s and 1’s and see what sort of data they make up. :+

Is this information seriuous?:o - This is a joke right?:S

I don’t actually know why we need DVD-ROM’s at all. Gonna train my dogs to read those DVD’s. :D:D

Is it true that when they find the fake DVDs the dogs are suppose to pee on them? JohnnyJT South Philly :stuck_out_tongue:

all I can say is there on drugs lol:B

They are not real dogs. They are actually robot dogs. How else they can tell if its a DVD or data DVD???

Id like to see them sniff out TY media! :B

“Id like to see them sniff out TY media!” That would make my life a whole lot easier!!! Bring my dog into walmart looking for TY media :B

pity on people of UK; their taxes paid from hard earned money are wasted for the copyright-cartels bursting fake dvds has far far less impact on UK than bursting drugs

Interesting, very interesting: 1. - Are counterfeit DVDs a special bread with a particular smell? 2. - Do blank DVDs (after you write your data or home movies) “adopting” a “legal smell” or do they smell like a counterfeit? 3. - Are the dogs detecting all DVDs inside packages, and the human pactor will “see” if they are counterfeit DVDs or not? 4. - If the discs have no label, will the “human factor” explore its content? 5. - How does your privacy and right to correspondence confidentiality get respected? It would be nice to know how Lucky and Flo deal with all these aspects?

ok that was really funny … :slight_smile: In which country of the world is today April the 1st ??? :wink:

So, what joke day is it ?

LOL! totally bu||shit

While I believe the title is misleading by implying that they can discern between commercially pressed and burned DVD’s when the article only states they just sniffed DVDs (no specific type) in packages, still it should be completely possible since DVD-R’s are made of different materials. DVD-Rs made with or organics or dyes will smell different than a silver-pressed (or whatever material) commercial DVDs to dogs like “Lucky and Flo”.

Right that the material is different, but who knows what is on the DVD anyway ? Will they open ALL packages that smell like a DVD to examine the content ? Or what ? I doubt that pirated movies on DVD smell different than any home made video for example. How will they see the difference ? Open the package and check what the content is ?:slight_smile: