Dogs trained to sniff out fake DVDs

Dogs trained to sniff out fake DVDs:


And the utility of these dogs is? :confused:

Hopefuly they can train dogs to sniff out crap media and fake TYs :smiley:

LOL :bigsmile:

quite simple to solve that problem really, just set up next to a frankfurter stall

I wonder if those dogs are also trained to tell the difference between a pirated DVD and a legitimate archival copy for personal use…I have a feeling a lot of people will be burned :wink:

It’s impressive how fantasy is without limits when it’s necessary to produce something totally useless :doh:

And why is this thread in the AnyDVD forum?

because it is :stuck_out_tongue: LOL :bigsmile:

it gives the dogs and their trainers something to do while they’re not sniffing each others butts
so you can say the training is already there

This thread is grossly OFF TOPIC.

I found this interesting it’s not off the topic but in the wrong area.

That’s what OFF TOPIC means!!
This forum has to do with [B]AnyDVD[/B] and related problems.

The only place this belongs is in the Living Room with the other OFF TOPIC posts.

Hey Hey calm down take a xanax or something no need to yell at me on this. Respect me I’ll respect you is my motto so refrain from this. I simply added my opinion that’s all.

I expect they are actually sniffing out these optical media based upon the quality of the movie stored on them (i.e. - these are just dogs sniffing out other “dogs”) . . . .

We can wish…:bigsmile: