Dogs are smarter than cats



Source: The Telegraph

Dogs are cleverer than cats because their friendly character has helped them develop bigger brains, a study set to end the argument between pet lovers has shown.

The intelligence of “a man’s best friend” has evolved at a greater rate than the less social cat over millions of years, scientists at Oxford University have claimed.

It was often thought that the feline pet was smarter than its canine counterpart because it needed less attention but researchers have discovered that cat’s brains are smaller because they are less social.

For the first time scientists have charted the evolutionary history of the brain across different groups of mammals over 60 million years and identified huge variations in how their brains have changed.

Finally proof…dogs are smart and cats are not… Let’s get rid of all the cats :wink:


Lets just keep one for posterity.:bigsmile:


Let’s ask to tech support :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=alan1476;2559203]Lets just keep one for posterity.:bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

^ Of course I have to agree :wink:

I’d say female cats are smarter than dogs. All the tom cats I’ve met (including my own beloved Baz), have been tuppence short of a shilling in the brains dept, though. :doh:


Dogs are smarter than cats

Let the virtual bashing begin. :smiley:


I bet that study was funded by dogs! :smiley:


[QUOTE=Da_Taxman;2559181]Source: The Telegraph

Finally proof…dogs are smart and cats are not… Let’s get rid of all the cats ;)[/QUOTE]

The size of the brain isn’t what counts. It’s the number of wrinkles in the brain. To put it into uber-geek terms, it would be like comparing an old laser disc to a blu-ray. The laser disc may be significantly larger, but it certainly can’t hold more data. Also you need to look at the source of the study. I’m sorry to say it but the British culture has spawned a lot of the canine obsession that exists in the world today. I’ll bet anything if they had conducted the same study in a more cat friendly culture (ie Egypt) the results would probably have been different.

Realistically though it’s a cases by case basis. Some dogs are smarter than some cats, and some cats are definitely smarter than some dogs. Case and Point, I have lived next to two neighbors who have dogs. In both cases the dogs are so stupid that they sit in the back yard and bark at anything that moves and do not shut up for hours on end. The only way to improve these mutts’ intelligence is to point a 12 gauge shotgun at them and pull the trigger. The people in the study didn’t look at things like this. They simply looked at general brain size.


o yea grass hopper


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and another thing its [B]Quicker[/B] and[B] Easier [/B]to train a Dog than a kid :bigsmile: