Dog Drives Off As Owner Watches Hockey

Hey Ssseth-Do you have a dog? :wink:

Sep 15, 9:25 PM (ET)

WHITEHORSE, Yukon Territory (AP) - An exuberant dog left in a truck while the owner watched Canada win the World Cup of Hockey managed to throw the vehicle into gear and coast down a city hill.

A man out for a walk called police after seeing the vehicle coast by with a black Labrador retriever behind the wheel.

Police arrived to find the truck in the middle of a road, blocking traffic, with the dog still at the wheel. No one was injured and there was no damage.

Going door to door, police managed to track down the owner.

“Subsequent investigation indicates that the dog was celebrating the Canadian victory in the world hockey game and knocked the truck into gear, causing it to roll down the hill,” Whitehorse Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Wednesday in a firmly tongue-in-cheek news release.

“No word yet on how the dog is doing studying the rules for negotiating the new traffic circle.”



I read about that… lol… Nothing comes between a Canadian and kicking Finlands ass in the World Cup Finals… :smiley: