Doesn'y hurt to try

I have no idea what I’m doing here, but perhaps someone can help me. I’m interested in creating a photo CD slide show thats includes “voice over” to explain the time and location of each photo. I assume this is possible but everywhere I turn I’m bombarded with confusing and from my perspective unnecessary techi talk. Short and sweet, if there is software available where might I find it.

Hiya Jack
Welcome to the freaks :smiley:

Nothing you try will be click-click and job done…you will need some patience and to read the instructions and then try some stuff.

The way: well, the way I would do it…have done it…and I know it works:

  1. Premiere Elements …maybe costs around $50 or so. This is the main program where you set everything up.
  2. Audacity , and a microphone. This is the program to record your commentary.


  1. Import the photos to the timeline of Premiere Elements.
  2. Play this back (from the timeline) with Audacity on record…you can save this as wav or mp3.
  3. Import this audio track to the Premiere timeline…lay it beside the timeline of the photos…should be the same size/length.
  4. Render (does the necessary conversions) and save.
  5. Export this to your dvd.

This is the basic procedure…there are little details here and there, but if you read the instructions and stick to what I said…it will work just fine.

Let us know if you have any further problems.

Cheers (and good night from the far east of Germany)

If you wanted to do this for free you could probably use Windows Movie Maker. It’s a very nasty program but hey, it’s free. I haven’t tried to do something like this myself, but I’ve been told that it can be done in WMM.

Use Audacity for the sound as suggest above.