Doesn't recognize music cd's . . . defective?

Hello. I’m a computer illiterate fool that just purchased the Plextor 617A.

I tested it to read all kinds of cd’s and dvd’s but it won’t read normal music cd’s.

It seems like people here have had trouble with the drive reading certain discs. Perhaps this one is defective?

Were the audio CDs you tested “Copy Protected”? If yes, it is not uncommon that computer drives cannot read them.
What exactly is your problem? Is the CD not recognized at all (e.g. with Plextools CD info) or is it just that there is no sound when you try to play the CD?

I tried many cd’s protected and unprotected. The drive says that there’s no disc in the drive.

I just found that it does this with copied cd’s and also cd-r’s.

I can’t even burn a cd because the drive won’t recognize the blank disc inside it! (I’m using Sony CD-R’s by the way)

Do you had a look on your drive’s LED?
Is it blinking and what for a colour has it amber or green?

When I initially put in the cd, it has a solid green color for a few seconds.
Then, it begins to blink twice in amber.

Some times I had this problem with my DVDs, but after re-ejecting it works
fine. Maybe you could find something here
Also you could try with Autofix a tool to check the Autoplay status of your
drive! So if it’s constantly maybe you’ve a bad drive.

Two amber blinks are not a good sign:

Cannot read a stamped disc or initialize a CD-R/RW disc because the drive cannot properly configure the focus and track adjustment settings.
Here is a possible solution.

if you have any cd emulation programs installed (clonecd, alcohol, etc.) try disabling/uninstalling them. not sure if that’ll help…just a thought.

Two blinks on initialization with a single disc is usually a bad disc, with all CD-R is a bad drive. Return it to the vendor or RMA.

well well well… my brand new px-716a doesn’t read/write any cds either. this is a rma for another plextor. i am going with a different brand at this time. the drive didn’t last 2 weeks. :a

Thanks for all the help guys! It’s all been very helpful.

I did the self-diagnostic test and the disc didn’t eject. It gave me one green blink so it’s a read/write error.

I’ll try and see if I can exchange this with another one. I still think the 716 is the best drive you can get at the moment. If anybody has another recommendation, please let me know!

no problem Z Draci…sorry your drive is defective. hope you get a nice, fully functional and high performing replacement as quickly as possible. keep us posted :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Ya know,…I have 2 plex 716a’s and they were working great ,UNTILL a week ago!!.
DVD’s work very well. CD’s,…on the other are very picky. Record Now used to burn cd/rw’s on the fly. Now I cant backup files or cd’s. {musuc}.
The drives will play music cd’s, however, recogniseing the disk can at times be futile.
Any Ideas?

wow, seems to be a lot of 716s having issues with Audio CDs and CD-Rs…sorry to hear of your woes and seems like Plextor needs some better QA. here’s a DAE session on a badly scratched CD-R (a backed up album)…still no issues with either of my 716s and CDs (knock on wood):

At least I’m not alone!
I’m sure they were in a rush to get the product out and didn’t iron out all product during its initial production run. Mine was manufactured in Feb 2005. Maybe one’s made later will have these solved?

Plextor has a great product. They just had some quality issues with the ones that were shipped to us!

my friend had a february 2005 drive that could not read dvd-r’s…interesting?

and both of my drives were manufactured in November of 2004, so there goes your theory…a TLA 0101 and 0202.

Yeah, the 716 is a good drive, but it’s plagued with QA issues.
If you can be arsed, RMA it until you get a good one :wink:

I went through two RMAs before I got a drive that’s good knock on wood…!

I’m so glad I got it at a reputable retailer [Fry’s]!
I just went and exchanged it today. The drive works flawlessly after the firmware update.

Thank you all again for your help! All the advice was invaluable to a clueless PC user like me.

If anybody else has reading problems with the drive, I’d recommend that you have it replaced. Mine has worked without a problem so far [4 DVD burns]. I’m sure Plextor is aware of this problem so they will honor your request for an exchange. I knew that paying a bit more and buying at a retailer would pay off! You’re actually paying for services like this which you often cannot get from online dealers.