Doesn't recognize 800 MB CD

I’m trying to burn data on a 800 MB cd, but my recoder recognize the media as 700 MB. How can i solve this?

Info recoder + software
Liteon LTR-4825S, Nero
A friend of mine has the same CD Recoder and he can burn it.
I’v just installed the latest firmware for the recoder didn’t help either.

writer model and firmware?

Firmware: 1S07
Writer model see above

there’s no LTR-4825S… you have a LTR-48125S. which burning app/version has your friend? mabe you should try that app to see if there’s a problem with your writer.

forgot the 1 indeed. Eh don’t know which version he has but don’t think that will solve it. I can try the latest version of Nero but i don’t think that will help. In explorer it doesn’t recognize 800 MB as well.

it dosen’t show the avaailable space but it’ll burn 800 mb i had the same problem

It will always show 702MB for oversized CD media!

Set overburning CD in the expert prefs to on and burn.

problem found, need to set max minute to 90 or above in prefs. thanks guys