Doesn't Detect Blank Disc - Wrong Device Name

My Dell came with the piece of junk DVD RW drive that comes as OEM – GWA4164B (which I think is LG). It never worked properly, so I replaced it with the Sony DRU-720A that worked perfectly … for awhile.

Now it’s once again having trouble recognizing blank DVD+R. Constantly says “Insert Blank Disc”. I went to Device Manager and noticed that the computer still reads this as GWA4164B rather than the Sony DRU-720A. I tried to “uninstall”, but when I search for new hardward (hoping it will recognize the difference), it still shows the old name.

As a result, I can’t do anything with Sony diagnostics and/or drivers.

Any ideas?

Welcome to CDFreaks:

Restore your suystem to few week ago reboot and try again see if that works.