Doesn't anyone use Sony CD-Rs?



There a so many posts and threads where folks give their opinion on what media is good and and what’s bad. But, I rarely if ever see Sony CD-R media mentioned either way!

Here in New York City Sony CD-Rs are sold all over the place – by Staples, Circuit City, The Wiz (before they closed), and all sorts of independent shops. They tend to be discounted frequently – sometimes to ~$10 for a 50pc spindle.

After more than a year of regular use (~300 discs – I burn mixed audio discs to give out a gigs I DJ) with no problems, I recently had a bad experience with 'em – but it turns out I’d gotten a bad batch. See my earlier post:

Now when I check the ATIP info on these discs they always come up as manufactured by Sony. Not Ritek, CMC, TY or any of the other manufacturers mentioned throughout this forum.

Has anyone else had any experience, positive or negative, with Sony branded CD-Rs?

Why are there so few mentions of Sony as a CD-R manufacturer?


Sony doesn’t make their own CD-Rs - I think Lead Data :Z makes them for Sony with a Sony ATIP. Lead Data is known as a terrible manufacturer.


I would not put my bet on that scottmso. Sony may have a factory for CD-R disc producing as I’ve seen Lead data discs and a most other brands and I’ve yet to find a brands that have similar looking discs (serial numbering and all).

Anyway my experience with the old 32X certified sonys identified as sony with cyanine dye, dark green/blue bottom is that they really sucked with most writers tested at all speeds, especially at speeds higher than 20X. Very few discs did not have C2 errors and all had very high C1 errors…even a few were unreadable.

But sony have had a lot of their discs produced by Taiyo Yuden and Mitsui Toatsu which have been excellent discs.

I have 48X certified sony’s here that is produced by acer media tech, but I’ve not tested them out yet. I’ve 48X sony’s made by Taiyo Yuden as well and they’re very good.

To bad I’ve not found newer sony disc made by sony…so I can’t say anything about them.


i bought a spindle of sony labeled as 48x a few months ago to see how the quality was, and not only were they smart-burn limited to 40x, but there were C2 errors at the end of the disc. here’s the atip info:
Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Phthalocyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 24s 15f
Norminal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = SONY(40X)
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 40X


G’day all,

The Sony-branded discs with the Sony Corporation ATIP code are made by Lead Data in Taiwan for Sony. I have some of their 40x stuff and they’re alright compared to the earlier cyanine stuff, but I still don’t trust them. As some of you may already know, Sony rarely if ever make their own products and outsources production at their every oppurtunity.

Apparently the newest 48x stuff is made by Acer Media in Taiwan!


The Sony CDR’s are all covered in the media test threads. They seem to work well enough as long as you don’t burn them too fast. Here’s a test of the 48x media. I would call the Sonys “average”.


Some Sony-CDRs are produced by the Austrian Sony plant (DADC near Salzburg). I bought many of them for my audio-recorder, as I needed quadruple jewel cases and they were cheap (dye is same color like TY; turkis cyanine). But the quality is not convincing, some produce C2-errors starting at 50 min up, when tested on plextor (but not if read with 8x CLV, only if read with 30x, maybe the discs have some geometrical problems outside). And they produce some (unhearable) E32-errors on my bad Technics SLPG 5 player; with my other players they are okay.
TDK, Ritek, maxell CDRs are all errorfree on my bad payer.

If your Sony CDRs are by Lead Data, I would not buy them; 50% of my 12 Lead-Data CDs (Label: Lenco) are unreadable within 2 years!!


Hi there, I bought a cakebox (50) of Sony 4x-40x (50CDQ80SP14) for € 9.99 (They are marked with Made in Japan)

And here is my results made with the LTR-48246K

Manufacturer : Sony
Code : 97m24s15f
Disc Type : CD-R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : Dye Type 5: Short Strategy (Phthalocyanine)
Recording Speed : 40x
Capacity : 79:59.74
703 MB
Additional Capacity : n/a
Overburn Capacity : 82:25.34 (724 MB)

K Probe:

C1 Avg. 0.328
C2 Avg. 0.000

On sony’s homepage the following info is written:

Recording principle

The laser beam, modulated by the recording signal, is focused on the groove. The beam heats and melts the recording layer of organic dye on the polycarbonate substrate, forming a series of pits. These pits are physically stable and ideal for reliable long-term data storage.