Does your ND-2500 do this?

My 8x writer has been a serious disappointment.
Attempting to burn anything, on any make of disc, at faster rates than 4x creates a lovely - but expensive - coaster.

The problem arises at each section of the disc where the writer need to gear up to write the next section at the higher speed (4x -> 6x -> 8x).
When the speed changes, it burns a discoloured band aprox. 2-3mm in width. Any file or data within this band is completely unreadable in the NEC itself, a Matsushita SR8585 and a Samsung some-thing-or-other 16x player I can’t remember the model number of.

I’ve taken a picture of 3 coasters it made for me this evening. These are Verbatim 4x DVD-R Mitsubishi Chemical MCC02 reorder # 43247, but even “proper” 8x discs do the exact same thing.

From left to right, the 2 first are burnt at 8x, the last at 6x. The ledgends should pretty much be self explanatory.

Anyone else seen this with their 8x NEC, or is it just my writer that is FuxX0red?

Sounds like a dead burner

Heck no my drive doesn’t do that!
:sad: poor fella…

Pretty Circles…bad pretty circles :frowning:

Return the drive to the store you got it from and get a new one under warranty. This is definitely a defective drive.

I don’t have any DVD media that will do 8x in my drive, however I was able to burn a CD-R successfully at 32x. The drive does go through a few Z-CLV stages starting at 16x to get to 32x, as shown here:
Can you try to burn a CD at 32x to see if it does the same thing?

Just checked my 4x burned at 8x Verbatim Datalife. No such circles.

Send it back.

I have now been in contact with the retalier I got my drive from, and I have also sent them a mail linking to this post.

As I understood it, they have now forwarded the mail to their wholesaler, who in return have contacted NEC about the matter.

I have chosen not to return the drive outright, because these sort of things tend to take a long, long, time.
It usually does so here in Norway, in my experience.
I have become rather dependant on this drive, and I am reluctant to return it until I have received an estimate on how long time I need to manage without it.

But who knows, maybe it is a known issue and they get the go-ahead from NEC to simply exhange it for a new - but I fear I may be in for a lengthy wait.

I just hope that by documenting my problem in this manner and including images of the end results will expedite matters.

Anyway, thanks to all your replies, I am now however confident that there really IS something very wrong with the drive!

Well while your waiting try loading in a different firmware, might knock some “sense” into it…who knows, better than doing nothing and waiting.:wink:
Or just burn at 4x…for now

I had basically the same problem with my 1300a (when writing at 2, 2.4 or 4 speed). And indeed, it was broken…

The drive is defective/broken. You should return it ASAP.