Does your media have USB technology (j/k)

I thought this was pretty funny. I bought some cheap DVD+RW media from a computer fair last weekend. The brand was “Hello Tech”, I’d never heard of them before but I just bought a couple of discs to try out.

Anyway the funny part is that these discs have a great big picture of a USB connector (same or similar to the official USB logo) printed on the top surface and alongside that some large printing that proudly proclaims “No Worries USB Technology”. Remember that this is just a plain old 4x DVD+RW blank media, it’s got nothing to do with USB. I’ll have to upload an image later, it’s such a joke.

I thought I’d have a lend of the guy selling them so I said to him : “great a USB disk, just what I was looking for, but wait … where do I plug the USB cable into this thing?”. I then tried to look surprised when he explained that it didn’t have a USB connector as such and that you have to use it in a burner, just like a regular blank DVD media.

So I asked him why the big USB logo and associated print then. He then gave this dumb spiel about how this disk is super special because it incorporates “USB technology”, though no specific details about how what or why of course. (Ahh very special USBleee technology, very very good etc etc.)

So there you go folks, forget your TY or MMC or other favorite media, if it doesn’t have this USB technology it must be crap. :wink:

USB discs? Nah, I prefer FireWire discs because they get hotter :stuck_out_tongue: :bow: Seriously though, I think you’d be surprised how many people are fooled by these tricks. They vaguely known what USB is and they know it’s good, so discs that use USB must also be good. A pic would be great btw :slight_smile:

You’d be surprised the amount of shite these people come out with, i was in a small computer shop called just that ‘the computer shop’ formally tiny i think, anyway i pointed to a 9800se (se = sh*te) and said hmm… how much, and the bloke came out with some verbal diarrhea about how having a power connector on the card meant (in his words) it was ‘hardware driven not software driven’.

lol, typical robot computer shop staff…

They vaguely known what USB is and they know it’s good, so discs that use USB must also be good.

Yeah that’s pretty much what I put it down to.

Here’s a picture of the disc :

BTW, dvd_identifier gives the manufacturer as “INFODISK” and the m-id code as “A10”. I wasn’t expecting too much from these discs but they seem to perform ok. I’ve burnt and erased one about six times already and each time it’s burnt (4x) and played back perfectly on my home player.

I hope those discs are USB 2.0 compliant or else there is no way I am getting them.
USB 1.1 DVD+RWs are just too slow for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

ROFL! No Worries!!!

I heard Ri-Disks have USB 2.0 compatibility…

Hey - with low quality media it’s always good to have a secondary means of getting your precious data off - even if it’s USB 1.1 :slight_smile:

Forget USB compatibility… I’m still impressed by my box of CompUSA CD-RW that claim to be “MP3 Compatible”.

You guys are really living in the dark ages. I have been using discs with the new Firewire 800 spec for months. The only problem is the new firmware release…it’s a bitch having to update all my discs.

LMAO! Yeah, those firmwares embedded in the discs are a real pain in the arse to update! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard you will hose the disc if you flash through firewire and you have to hook them up to the ide connector to flash them correctly. jeez, newbs… :wink:

Boy are you old school! :rolleyes: Everybody knows you flash these disc through WiFi. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

But only in pure DOS :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree: :bigsmile: This is great.

But just one quick question, will the dual layer be usb compatible too?? Or will I need a flux capicitor hyperdrive extended sata bus device system driver for it to work?

I suppose it depends whether or not its a Duotronic or Positronic Heuristic Co-linear Network capable? :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

No, for that you probably need to boost the annular confinement beam and recalibrate the warp matrix so that it emits an inverse tachyon pulse. :wink:

Either that or just flip it over…

When are you dummies gonna get outta the dark ages and start using SATA media?

just found some more usb compatible discs, dvd+r

any1 know if their mid code is USB 2.0 compatible…?