Does your keyboard stand or lay?

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[B]My keyboard is missing a few keys. Its like 8 years old.

Q W E _ T _

annoying, but its atleast a quiet keyboard. [/B]

remap those keys to others if you really need them


He must have done something like that already. There are “T”'s in his post.

You can use a pin or something to press it.

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Mx700? I’m just a tad envious :iagree:

Well, it costed € 90 , so don’t be that envious. It’s just THE best mouse on earth. You can just relax your hand and start to mouse … works beautifully.

How’s the battery life? :slight_smile:

About 4 hours

Must be a real bastard when you run out of batteries for ya mouse :wink:

Rechargeables on standy? Hmmm? :wink:

Yup , came included 2 x AA rechargable batteries. Once you put it firmly (extremely firmly lately) it recharges itself.

Just 1 question? WTF do ya do with 3 pc’s? :expressionless:

1 Pentium II 450 system with Toshiba DVD player and LiteOn writer. Good for copying cd-roms on the fly and using dvd shrink at high speeds (unlocked firmware woohoo !). Has two harddisks , one of 10 gigs , one of 40 gigs. both are in a removable bracket. Very convienient when usb pendrives just don’t have the capacity. :slight_smile:

1 Celeron 500 system with a Philips DVDRW416K , magically transformed into a Nec 1300A (see the thread in the hardware section) , has a 120GB harddisk. The best thing is its case. It’s slightly bigger than a notebook, so it’s ideal for lanparties. I was thinking of replacing the harddisk with a 300 Gig , but i doubt the Intel 810 chipset will handle it :). It’s one of those "everything is on it "motherboards , including tv-out , sound , usb and 100mbit lan.

1 Athlon 2600+ with a Toshiba DVD player , GeForce 4 Ti4200 , 1.5 Gigs of ram and 4 harddisks. 2 x 40 Gig EIDE, 1 x 80 Gig EIDE and 1 x 73 Gig Ultra wide SCSI. My game pc.

Two I use at the same time, but 3? :expressionless:

I usually use just the 2600+ , but there are days that all three are doing some task ( backupping 3 dvd’s at the same time for instance ).

Northing beats this for pure comfort imho. I love it for games where you have to be really accurate (i.e. Sniper). Very very precise.

Only 4 hours? That would hardly get me through one round at CD Freaks! :iagree:

Its just the top plastic things that are missing, its not that bad after you get used to it.