Does your GT get banned when your xbox 360 gets banned?



hey just need to know if your GT gets banned aswell as youe xbox 360 if u get caught with a modded 360? or is it just the 360 that gets banned ? also can anyone tell me wot it is that xbox detects is it the copied games or the modded xbox 360? any and all info would be great ty.:bow:


Just the xbox gets banned, an easy way to tell would be to log into the xbox website.


another question does anyone know if there is a fix for a banned 360? if so can i have the info or a link plzzzzz


nope once it’s banned that’s it, That 360 will never see xbox live again, EVER. Only way to get unbanned is buy a new 360 OR you can try calling MS and pleading a case, but if they detected a modded 360 I wouldn’t bother.
Yes it takes it from the hardware every time you log onto live.


Your Xbox 360 has a built in serial number, which will be blacklisted on the servers. Your Xbox 360 also has some internal settings mechanisms, which will be set to “hack! blacklist!” by the servers.

Even if you somehow cirumvent the serial number and the internal settings mechinisms, the next time it will go on live, it will be scanned and blacklisted again.